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Andrea as the main speaker at the Catholic Women's League Annual Convention
Andrea as the main speaker at the Catholic Women's League Annual Convention

Andrea Donsky is thought-provoking leader in the Health & Wellness industry. Always on the cutting edge of trends, nutritional research, and consumer habits, Andrea brings her care and passion for family wellness and healthy lifestyles to everything she does.

As someone who has worked in the natural health industry for almost twenty years – in both the U.S. and Canada – Andrea is an animated storyteller who engages her audience through interactive, honest, and relatable experiences as a mom, entrepreneur and educator.

Talk Series*

1. Label Lessons – Coaching on how to read and interpret food and nutrition labels, and how to make the smartest and healthiest choices for ourselves and our families.

2. Unjunk [all of] Your Food: A Virtual Shopping Tour of How to Identify and Avoid The Scary Seven – Form their years of research, Andrea and her team, identified a group of seven harmful chemical additives that research has proven to cause harm to the human body. They called these the Scary SevenTM. In this presentation, Andrea reviews each of the Scary SevenTM ingredients and goes into detail as to why they are bad for us and how we can spot them on a product label. She also provides healthier options for common foods.

3. Eat to Live  – In this step-by-step presentation Andrea presents easy and actionable steps on how to get the toxins out and the healthy products in! This presentation will also address common questions like: "Are natural and organic products really better?", "Who regulates the industry", "Which brands do you really trust?", and "Is it really worth spending the extra money to buy organic?". Healthy living can be overwhelming, but Andrea simplifies it with practical, easy-to-implement tips.

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* Please note these are suggested talks. Andrea can customize her presentations based on your specific needs.

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If you would like to arrange to have Andrea speak or moderate your next event, or hire her for her coaching services, please send an email to [email protected] or contact her here.

Above: Andrea giving her "Label Lessons" presentation

Listen To/Watch Andrea Live:

  • Andrea co-hosts her own LIVE radio show on RadioMD every Wednesday from noon to 1pm ET.
  • Andrea appears regularly as a healthy living expert on television & radio across North America,

Watch Andrea in Action Below!

Above: Andrea giving her "Unjunk [all of] Your Food" Presentation

Hire Andrea to Moderate Your Event!

Andrea is also a fantastic moderator as she brings her passion, radio hosting, and nutritionist experience to each panel she facilitates.

Above: Andrea moderating one of many panels on healthy living at RISE TO Expo

Andrea's Bio

Andrea Donsky is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with over 15 years experience in the field of natural health and wellness. She is the co-founder of The Healthy Shopper Coupon Book and Naturally Savvy Media, a website dedicated to educating people on living an organic and Non-GMO lifestyle.

Andrea co-authored three books on the subject of reading labels-"Unjunk Your Junk Food: Healthy Alternatives to ConventionalSnacks" (Gallery Books, 2011), "Label Lessons: Your Guide to a HealthyShopping Cart" (2013), and "Label Lessons: Unjunk Your Kid's Lunch Box"(2013).

Photo Gallery

Above: Andrea speaking at the March Against Monsanto Rally on the topic of GMOs

Above: Andrea presenting in a classroom setting to grade 5 students  

Above: Andrea on Windy City Live in Chicago

Testimonials: What Others are Saying About Andrea

Below are testimonials from professionals she has worked with for speaking engagements, moderating, and on-air media (TV and radio).

Andrea, Thank you so much for being part of the show. You helped us out tremendously! You did a great job and we've gotten great positive feedback. We are definitely doing it again! 🙂
– Gyllian Carter, Producer Windy City Live, ABC 7 Chicago (#1 talk show)
Bryce WyldeI have interviewed many experts in my career as a TV host, but it isn't often you come across someone with such conviction and passion for their work. Andrea is the real deal. She practices what she preaches, and is a leading expert on healthy living, especially when it comes to teaching others how to read and understand food labels. She is a pleasure to work with, on and off the air, and I highly recommend her for any media or speaking event.
Bryce Wylde, Alternative Medicine Expert, Clinician, Author, and Television Host
Waterfront Media Group
Waterfront Media Group

Andrea is constantly tracking the pulse of all things health and wellness. She is a revolutionary in the truest sense of the word. As an entrepreneur, she's passionate about this industry, but what stands out even more is Andrea's passion for reaching people–as a mom, a woman, and compassionate, earth-conscious human being. She is the trailblazing educator who's trying to make it easy for the rest of us. She is a media and event producer's dream. She knows her stuff. She can shift on the fly, she makes the bookings a breeze, and she cares about making her message digestible for the audience. It's never about her. It's always about who she can help by sharing her expertise, no matter what she's up against. that, in itself, is worth praise.
– Alicia Haywood, CEO/Executive Producer, Waterfront Media Group, Inc. 

Eric and Kathy Mornings - Latest ScoopFrom the moment I met Andrea, I couldn’t get enough of her!  She’s a walking Wikipedia for all things pertaining to health…especially when it comes to clean eating!  She is hands-down one of my favorite guests!!
Kathy Hart, The Eric & Kathy Show on 101.9 The Mix (#1 radio show in Chicago, IL)
Andrea was a perfect speaker for the GMO-Free Festival & Farmers' Market, lending her expertise in living an organic, healthy lifestyle. In addition to being 100% professional and a pleasure to work with, Andrea's presentation was powerful, articulate, engaging and inspiring, particularly for parents wanting to better understand GMOs and food labels when grocery shopping for their families. I would highly recommend Andrea for any speaking event, and look forward to working with her in the future!
– Jennifer Berman Diaz, Event Organizer
{Andrea's book} Unjunk Your Junk Food has certainly made me more aware about the food that my children eat and the effects it has on our body and mind."
Maria Shriver, Journalist, Author, and Philanthropist
For anyone embarking on the often daunting path of trying to clean up their diets, Andrea’s book is a really fine place to start.
Alan Arkin, Academy Award Winning Actor

When you are a public university that relies heavily on your relationship to the community at large, especially with a reputation like McGill’s, changing the format of one of your marquee events is always a risky proposition. Founder’s Day is exactly that for the Macdonald Campus and our community. Andrea, however, made sure the risk was not only mitigated, but that a new standard was set for future events. Her passionate approach and engaging speaking style draws you in from the very start, and as her talk went on I (and I am sure I am not alone here) felt the urge to leap out of my chair and shout my agreement, ready to take up the cause and fight for my beliefs. The event turned out to be one of the most successful in recent memory, and we look forward to having Andrea return in the near future!
– Paul Simard, Director of Development Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, McGill University – Macdonald Campus

CJAD Radio
CJAD Radio

As a news-talk radio producer, I deal with different guests, experts and contributors every day. Andrea Donsky, however, is a true stand-out – professional, organized and an excellent communicator, I would book her any time to talk about anything. She delivers vital information in a way that's accessible and entertaining, which makes my job easy… and I love things that make my job easy. If I didn't work in radio, I'd want to work for her.
– Chris Pare, Producer, CJAD Radio

Holistic Moms NetworkAndrea was a wonderful addition to our 'Parenting Choices Panel' with a wealth of expertise as well as practical, helpful suggestions for parents who want to live healthier and more sustainably for themselves, and their families.
Nancy Massotto, Founder & Executive Director, HMN
I recently participated in a health panel at a conference, and had the honor of having Andrea as the moderator. Her expertise as a health advocate, and experience in the media, proved to be a exceptional combination. Andrea directed the conversation in a way that brought out the best of the panel, focusing on each person's strengths. More importantly the audience was provided with actionable information.
Josh Gitalis Ba(H) CNP RNCP/ROHP
Andrea is an absolute natural for this kind of work! Great presence and her kind intention shines through very clearly. She is well spoken and articulate. I am a filmmaker and also a narrator, so I notice how clear and on target her responses were. Bravo!
Debra St. Clair, Founder St. Clair's Organic
I didn’t want to let the day go by without a quick thanks for your time, efforts and expertise being acknowledged again. Your energy and work is invaluable. Thank you for the commitment you have.
Tanmayo, Conference Coordinator, Canadian Organic Growers

Honors / Awards

Andrea was recognized as a leading inspirational woman for her work in the natural health movement in July 2014 by Women's Voices for the Earth    

Andrea is Also A Personal Coach

Below Are Testimonials From Her Clients:

"My daughter was a typical 16 year old junk food eater even though she had lots of access to healthy food choices. I was amazed as a parent of how well Andrea worked with my daughter, but even more importantly how she listened and became engaged in healthy eating.  She now eats a healthy diet each day and packs her own lunches, and sometimes even gently corrects me on my food choices!! Andrea was very instructive and even took us on a very educational grocery shopping expedition. It is the best investment we have made in our daughter's health!" – Katherine Mansfield

“Working with Andrea was an enlightening experience that made me understand what being healthy truly means." – Anna Stephenson, 16 years old

"Working with Andrea has paid off ten-fold. I’m now healthier, happier, and less stressed about what I eat and feed my family.”Kyla Doering, Working Mother

"Within 5 minutes of Andrea Donsky's 'Unjunk Your Junk Food' seminar starting, I was wishing/thinking three things:

1. Darn I wish I could write faster! She shared so much incredible info that EVERYONE needs to know!

2. I wish this was being videotaped so I could watch it again and share with everyone I care about.

3. I wish I would have been more insistent that the people I love could come with me! It's hard to transfer her passion and knowledge! It has to be heard from Andrea, live and in person! After her talk I booked her immediately to do it again! Re-do! Now I can be more insistent since the room was standing room only  knowing I'm gifting people with something that will change their health and their lives forever. Thank you Andrea!"
Brandie Hadfield, Certified Wellness Coach

"I work in a very demanding and lucrative business where appearance is everything. As an international fashion model, health has become my number one priority thanks to Andrea Donsky. She has given me the proper tools to get to where I need to be physically, and has re-empowered me as a model and a young woman. She taught me the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods, how to avoid bad chemical ingredients, and how to cheat every so often without the guilt or weight bouncing back! I'm going to be proceeding with this season's New York Fashion Week thanks to Andrea's nutritional and lifestyle advice. Thanks Andrea!"
– Dj Brown

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Toronto Sun: 7 Ways to Beat the Bloat Naturally

(Article also appeared in Ottawa Sun, Edmonton Sun, Winnipeg Sun, Calgary Sun, Digital News World, 24 HRS Vancouver, and Canoe)

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